The Coat I Love – 3 Years Late

Land’s End – Coolest Coats Ever!

Lately, I’ve been reading about the insular cortex – which is that part of the brain that is responsible for having feelings about inanimate objects – the broken pot left on the shelf that you need to buy so it has a place to live. The scarf that you can’t seem to let go of because you were wearing it when you went to that outdoor event with your friends. It’s a thing right?

Here’s the rest of the story – the customer service at #LandsEnd is nothing short of phenomenal. 3 ish years ago, my mom and I had come back to RI without enough winter clothes. She wanted a warm camel coat because she used to have one previously that she loved and wanted another one just like it. At the time, I tried looking everywhere but camel was sold out or they didn’t have one in her size. I called Lands End and learned they had one which was larger than what she needed (in camel) and a beautiful blue color that was exactly in her size. After discussing this with mom, I called back to order both coats and had a wonderful conversation with the sales clerk who asked what color mom’s eyes were.

“Blue” I said. “This coat is going to look beautiful on her” the sales clerk said. I ordered both of them – we would soon have coats galore. They arrived in a few days and sure enough – between her eyes and the color of her hair, the blue coat looked wonderful. Only problem? Mom didn’t like it. She preferred the camel coat – just like the “one I used to have”.

We ended up keeping the larger camel coat and sent the blue coat back. I was bummed as it was really beautiful.

Fast forward 3 ish years to this morning. I am still stuck on how beautiful that coat looked on her and now need a shorter wool driving coat. The beautiful blue color I love (and looked so good on mom) is totally sold out at land’s end, except (again) in a slightly larger size. I have a coupon, but when I try to order the coat, the coupon doesn’t work and, because it’s an inanimate object and I have this problem too – I am not ready to give up. I also think that after 3 years this isn’t an “I’d like…” issue, this is now a “must-have” (yes, and for you Marie Kondo people, I know it will “spark joy”).

I make the call to Lands End and speak with Cindy who provides top-notch customer service and gives me a different coupon code to try (“EARLY”) and voila! – the discount is applied. The coat is on the way and will not look anywhere as good on me as it did on mom, but it’s safe to say we’re both happy that it’s finally coming home.

Land’s End – great people, great place, cool comfy clothes.