The Coat I Love – 3 Years Late

the customer service at #LandsEnd is nothing short of phenomenal. 3 ish years ago, my mom and I had come back to RI without enough winter clothes. She wanted a warm camel coat because she used to have one previously that she loved and wanted another one just like it. At the time, I tried looking everywhere but camel was sold out or they didn’t have one in her size. Continue reading The Coat I Love – 3 Years Late

My Dream Acura

Enter my Dad who was always fun to shop for cars with. – I couldn’t figure out what kind of car I wanted so we test drove everything (yes, including the cool black jeep with the tan leather side windows that zip). Dad said “this isn’t the most professional-looking car for you to drive”. I said, “I know but isn’t it fun???”. Needless to say, we narrowed my choice down to a VW Jetta and then went to test drive an Acura Integra. Continue reading My Dream Acura